PTFE Membrane Manufacturer

VEIK is a professional manufacturer of PTFE and silicone coated products. we offer high-quality PTFE coated glass cloth, silicone coated glass cloth, PTFE architectural membrane, PTFE adhesive tape, PTFE coated Kevlar, PTFE coated conveyor belt, and PTFE coated open mesh. The PTFE coated fabric is applied in the fields of food processing, polymer processing, solar power, electronic products, etc. Our PTFE architectural membrane, which is internationally recognized as an eco-friendly building material, is widely used in construction and wastewater treatment. VEIK also offers customization service to meet you specific requirements.
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    1. PTFE Coated Glass Cloth

      Our PTFE coated glass cloth is woven with great imported glass fabrics. After warped by an automatic warper imported from Germany Karl Mayer, the fabrics are woven with plain weave method or some other special weaving methods by Dornier loom.

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    1. PTFE Architectural Membrane

      The PTFE architectural membrane, as a new type of building material, is a kind of composite material. It is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated glass cloth which is woven with glass fiber of 3 μm in diameter. Its structure is quite stable and can stand a certain amount of load.

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    1. PTFE Adhesive Tape

      The PTFE adhesive tape we provide is fluororesin glass cloth coated with glue at one side. The surface of the glass cloth is not adhesive and is easy to get clean. At high operating temperature, it also has great durability, thermal insulating performance, and electrical insulating performance.

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    1. PTFE Coated Kevlar

      Both Kevlar fabrics and conveyor belts in our company adopt superior high-strength Kevlar as raw materials, and they also employ equipment and technique from Germany. In addition, they are coated with high-grade PTFE resin. Made from this material.

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    1. PTFE Coated Conveyor Belt

      The PTFE coated conveyor belt made by VEIK is a superior-quality product that adopts tightly-woven fabrics or mesh fabrics as its basic cloth. It is widely applied in different manufacturing industries such as the textiles, building materials, plastics, ceramics, and more.

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    1. PTFE Coated Open Mesh

      The PTFE coated open mesh is mainly used for the production of conveyor belts which can transport printed materials into both drying ovens and cooling chambers in silk-screen printing industry. These conveyor belts are highly durable, and they can be applied at a wide range of operating temperature.

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